EP 909 - Reality Bites

After a prison auction, Homer buys Snake's hot-rod, Lil' Bandit. Of course the first thing Homer does is take Marge on a wild ride. Scared out of her mind, Marge orders Homer to stop and walks home.

While walking, she runs into Lionel Hutz who is now a Real Estate Agent as opposed to a lawyer. Interested in getting a job herself, Marge decides to try the same trade and begins studying for the qualifying exam. Marge passes and joins Mr. Hutz's firm, Red Blazer Reality and gets a red jacket of her own.

Meanwhile, Homer continues to recklessly drive Lil' Bandit and when Snake sees this, he becomes agitated and vows to get her back.

Now on the job, Marge is studying. Her own morals and the salesmanship ethics she has learned conflict with her ability to sell houses as she is far too honest. Hutz tells her that if she doesn't sell by the end of the week she's fired.

Faced with a dilema, Marge is given the chance to sell to the Flanders who take a liking to the Murder House where a brutal stabbing occured. Not knowing, the Flanders love the house and buy and Marge keeps quiet until the next day. Even after learning, the Flander remain as if not more excited since their house if famous.

Unfortunately, Homer's reckless driving causes him to crach into the house causing it to collapse. As everyone escapes, Marge rips the Flander's check since it was earned dishonestly and Hutz consequently fires her. At the same time, an escaped Snake knabs Lil' Bandit and steals it for himself.

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