EP 910 - Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

This classic Christmas episode starts with the Simpson family buying presents.

As they get home, Bart is eager to find out what presents he got. Since Marge specifically tells Bart not to open his gifts until Christmas, he drinks near a dozen glasses of water so that the need to pee will wake him up near midnight.

After a dream filled with several pee references, Bart wakes up and is elated that his plan worked since he can now open his presents....once he goes to the bathroom anyway.

Bart opens his first gift which is a Fire Truck with a real water gun. As he plays, Bart squirts the Fire Hose firing water onto a wire which starts a fire burning the tree and all the presents.

Knowing the family will give him all hell once they find out, Bart burries the remains under the snow in the front yard. When the family wakes up, crying and surprise ensue and Bart explains that he saw a crook with a hook hand steal the presents and tree.

After the cops leaves, Bart confesses and Lisa and Homer begin to strangle him when Kent Brockman and Channel 6 News drop by and cover the story and find the hidden tree spreading the news throughout the town. The Simpsons lie to maintain their integrity as the cops know.

Hearing of the crime, the entire town gathers at the Simpson household and pitches in to gather 15,000 dollars with which Homer buys a new car.

However, Bart confesses and the whole town ransacks the Simpsons house leaving nothing but a towel.

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