EP 912 - Bart Carny

The fair is in town and the Simpsons go out for a night of fun. Homer gets conned into a rigged ring toss game by Cooder and Spud, a father and son carny team. Bart on the other hand, hijacks Hitler's car (the main attraction of the fair) and crashes it.

Now indebted to the carnival, Homer and Bart become carnies and learn the ropes from Cooder and Spud. When Cooder and Spud are needed to man a different booth, Homer and Bart take over the ring toss. Chief Wiggum is soon attracted by complaints that the game is ring and hints that he wants a bribe. Homer being as dumb as he is doesn't get the hints and closes the booth down leaving Cooder and Spud homeless as they sleep in the booth.

Homer invites them to stay at their house where they show off their freakish carny abilities. To repay the Simpsons, the carnies give them tickets to a glass bottom boat ride.

When they return, Cooder and Spud have taken over the house and locked the Simpsons out. Chief Wiggum refuses to help since he never got a bribe so Homer makes a bet. If he can get a Hula Hoop on the chimney, they get the house back, if not the carnies get the deed.

When the carnies come out to watch, the Simpsons all run in and lock the carnies out.

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