EP 913 - The Joy of Sect

Homer lets Bart skip school to see the Springfield football team land at the airport. Being the losing team, they get stoned by the crowd and as Bart and Homer walk out, they encounter several religous groups. Homer is attracted by the Movementarians who offer him a free weekend retreat. After repeatedly asking when the weekend is and how much it costs, Homer agrees to go.

Homer drives to the retreat where he ignores all rules, almost runs workers over, and instantly starts fishing. The Movementarians attract him with a movie that Homer gets bored of easily and distracts himself by making his own up and chasing a butterfly outside. The movie hypnotizes all the other townspeople with its promise of movement to a planet called Blisstonia.

Homer also becomes hypnotized once he is lured with a Batman chant in whic Batman is replaced with Leader, the Leader of the Movementarians.

Homer rents the house to the Movementarians and moves the family to their condo. Marge remains as the only Simpson to not be hypnotized and escapes ala Logan's Run. She finds Reverand Lovejoy and Flanders who break Homer out and deprogram him with Beer. Homer goes back and opens the Forbidden Barn, the barn where the supposed ship to Blisstonia is. Though it initially looks like one, the cover falls off revealing a helibike with sacks of money attached. Dissapointed, Springfield returns to its normal life.

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