EP 914 - Das Bus

While on the way to a model UN conference, Otto and the Springfield Elementary children fall into a river. Otto is swept away in the current but the children are washed away all the way into an island in the ocean.

The children try to build a utopia where monkeys due their bidding but fail miserably. The children begun to starve to the point that they're hungry enough to eat at ARBY'S but Bart manages to swim to the sunken Bus and get the cooler of food which they agree to ration.

The next morning they find Milhouse with food scraps on his face and empty bags of food. Milhouse claims a monster did it and he's found innocent on a trial the kids conduct due to a lack of evidence. Dissapointed with the verdict, Milhouse, Bart, and Lisa are chased over the island where they find a monster, a wild boar.

Lisa figures out that it's been suviving off of accumalating grime on a rock and believes they can survive by eating it as well. The kids instead kill and roast the boar leaving Lisa to lick the rocks.

The episode ends with the narrator assuring the audience that the kids were rescued by Moe.

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