EP 915 - The Last Temptation of Krust

While at the Springfield Mall, the Simpsons decide to attend a charity comedy show featuring Jay Leno and other big comedians. Bart is shocked when he finds out Krusty isn't in the line-up and convinces him to come by saying it'll take off his community service requirement (for various crimes).

The other comedians provide original and modern material while Krusty sticks with his old act, which everyone hates. Krusty is so shocked that he goes out drinking all night. Bart finds him and brings him to his room where Krusty sees all his merchandise and realizes that he's a sell-out. Krusty tries to update his act like he should have been with Jay Leno's help but fails and decides to retire.

At his retirement conference, Krusty goes on a rant that everyone finds hilarious and he decides he still has something to offer in showbiz.

Krusty's new image matches modern comedians and lacks any bit of selling-out until he is approached by two Canyonero Automobile Ad Executives who want an endorsement. Krusty refuses at first but is tempted by a free Canyonero and eventually gives in. Being a sell-out again, his audience abandones him leaving him and Bart alone.

Krusty gives Bart a ride home and Bart is surprised by how roomy it is.

Other Notes: During the credits, the Canyonero ad is played.

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