EP 916 - Dumbbell Indemnity

Lonely and desperate, Moe wants to meet a woman so Homer decides to help. With no luck at Disco Stu's Disco, Moe manages to meet Renee, a flower girl who agrees to go on a date with him.

The two grow close and Moe begins to run out of money so he decides to commit insurance fraud on the day of the Police Charity Cruise. The plan is to have Homer put the car on the train tracks so it's destroyed while Moe is on the cruise with Renee. Instead, Homer catches a drive-through movie and tries to dump it in the ocean, where the cruise is passing by.

Homer is arrested and Moe gets the money but instead of paying Homer's bail, he plans a trip to Hawaii with Renee. Eventually Moe tells Renee the truth who forgives up until Moe tries to commit another fraud by burning down his tavern. Renee leaves him without Moe noticing who sets the bar on fire.

Homer gets of jail and rides a Shopping Cart to the tavern repeatedly alternating between saying "Must...Kill...Moe. WHEEEEEEEEE". Just as Homer arrives, the tavern is set on fire and the two pass out from the smoke.

Barney arrives on the scene and carries two kegs out and then carries Moe and Homer out. The two forgive each other and Homer lets Moe set up a temporary tavern in his house.

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