EP 917 - Lisa the Simpson

It's another school day at Springfield Elementary and Martin has a Lunchables-esque box with a brain teaser on the back. Martin, Milhouse, and even Nelson figure it out but Lisa just can't do it.

She stays up all night trying and ends up forgetting her locker combination and her homework. Grandpa eventually reveals to Lisa that she's at the age when every Simpson becomes a moron and comments that "Your father used to be as smart as a chimp. Now he's dumb as a monkey."

Meanwhile, Jasper freezes himself in the Quik-E-Mart and Apu decides to cash in on it by making the Mart into a freakshow.

Though Lisa tries, she can't accept Homer and Bart's lifestyle. She visits The Jazz Hole where she's inspired by a musician and decides to get on the Channel 6 news by saying she's speaking for something else. Instead she pleads Springfield to treasure it's intellect.

Homer tries to console his daughter by gathering all Simpsons in the tri-city area. All the male Simpsons are obvious morons but Lisa notices that all the females have become intelligent women. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are all present and Lisa's confidence is reknewed, she even figures out the puzzle.

Meanwhile, Jasped escapes and Apu is left without a gimick so he changes the name to the Nude-E-Mart, a strip club/convenience store.

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