EP 918 - This Little Wiggy

While at the Springfield Knowledgeum, Marge notices that Ralph Wiggum has no friends at all and sets up a pity play date with Bart, who'd really rather not.

After a very lame series of events at Ralph's house, Bart discovers that Chief Wiggum has the master key to open every building in the town and after using it in the local toy stores, Bart uses it show off to Jimbo, Nealson, Kearny, and Dolph. They go to the Sprinfield Jail where the bullies through the key into prison and though Ralph wants to leave, they go to find it.

They find an old deactivated electric chair and turn it on to see how it works but are scared away by a guard leaving it still activated. The next morning at a press conference, the Mayor straps himself into the chair to show what criminals might face now knowing the chair is on. Bart tries to call the jail to warn them but the line is busy so Ralph suggests they talk to Lisa. Lisa suggests writting a note and tieing it to a model rocket and then firing it. The rocket misses the jail and hits Mr. Burns who's outraged to find out that they've been getting free power for so many years and cuts them off, saving the Mayor. Everyone is proud of Ralph for thinking of asking Lisa, Ralph is also congratulated by his imaginary Leprachaun who tells him to burn everything.

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