EP 919 - Simpson Tide

After several years of terrible service, Homer is fired for nearly causing a nuclear meltdown. With nothing left to do, Homer signs up as a Naval Officer.

Meanwhile, Bart gets an earring after seeing how much cooler it made Milhouse. Homer dissaproves and takes it from Bart once he graduates from basic training and is sent on a war game.

Homer is place on a submarine where he and the captain become friends. When there's a problem with one of the torpedo tubes, the Captain leaves Homer in charge to check it out. Thinking they are getting attack when he hears some noise, Homer orders torpedos to be fired and accidentally launches the Captain out.

With Homer still in charge, the sub begins to drfit to Russia. En route they get hit by U.S. Depth Charges sprining a leak that Homer plugs with Bart's earring. The sub rises and Homer is court-martialed by several countries including Antartica (who has a boat manned by penguins). Homer manages to get off the hook by telling each boat in each country's respective language "It's my first day" (Quack Quack Quack for the penguins).

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