EP 920 - The Trouble With Trillions

It's the April night where taxes are due and Homer thinks he's done all his taxes are done. Lisa questions him and Homer realizes that he was thinking of the taxes he did last year and has to finish his tonight. In a rush to finish, Homer makes up all his information and tapes it all together into a ball. He manages to make it into the post office and throw the ball into the mail basket.

Soon enough, the Government charges Homer with tax fraud and is forced to do work for the FBI in exchange for not being prosecuted. Homer manages to get his co-worker Charlie arrested for a scheme against the government.

Pleased, the FBI gives Homer a bigger assignment. During the Post-War era, Mr. Burns was supposed to deliver a Trillion Dollar bill to France for reconstruction but he never got there. The French became snooty to the Americans consequently and the Government lost all that money. Burns lets Homer into his house thinking he is a Collier's magazine reporter and then shows him the bill. Two FBI agents rush in and arrest Burns. While being carried away, he criticizes the government's taxation policies and Homer decides to save him by knocking out the agents. After placing their hands on each other's butts, Homer carries Burns away from the FBI agents with the Trillion Dollar Bill.

With Smithers, Homer and Burns try to find land for a new country and land in Cuba where Homer calls President and Burns calls Vice-President. Burns tries to buy Cuba from Castro who just takes the bill. On a makeshift raft home, Burns remarks that he'll bribe the jury when he gets back.

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