EP 921 - Girly Edition

Channel 6 is being pushed by the FCC for more educational content so they recruit local Springfield Elementary students to anchor Kid's News. Lisa is chosen as the main anchor.

Meanwhile, Bart skateboards through a pile of leaves Willie just raked who then takes his skateboard. To get it back, Bart fills Willie's shack with Creamed Corn until it explodes.

At the Quik-E-Mart, Homer finds out that Apu has a helper Monkey capable of doing any number of things after Apu got shot. Homer decides to get one for himself and tricks the Animal Assitance Agency into getting him one under the pretense that it is for Grandpa.

Marge makes Lisa put Bart on Kid's News as sports reporter. He gets such high ratings do to his style, that he gets promoted to co-anchor. To show up Lisa who believes Bart can't handle it, Bart gets advice from Kent Brockman and makes a segment called Bart's People. The segment features emotional segments of Bart meeting people with problems that tug at peoples' hearts.

Homer on the otherhand, uses Mojo to do all of his handy work, but Mojo becomes corrupted by Homer's lifestyle. After a Lard Lad Donuts raid, Mojo eats all the donuts he steal and throws Homer a few scraps. Eventually, Mojo becomes obese and has to use diapers. Marge comments that his cholesterol is through the room and Homer tries to show her wrong by making Mojo do his happy dance. After Mojo fails miserably, Homer drops him at the Animal Assitance Agency door-step and runs. When he's found, he's brought a keyboard and types in "PRAY FOR MOJO".

Lisa tries to do her own fluff work like Bart but fails miserably and eventually decides to sabotage Bart by giving him a tip on someone. Bart goes to the junkyard where a poor man whose home was destroyed now lives. Bart finds out that it's Willie and that he was the one responsible for destroying his home. Willie tries to kill Bart but Lisa arrives and uses Bart's heart tugging talk to convince Willie to stop.

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