EP 922 - Trash of the Titans

Corporate Executives are annoyed that sales are dropping annually during the current time of year. In order to compensate, they make a new holiday called Love Day and sales spike up.

The Simpson family, is of course suckered into the festivities and left with a lot of trash from decorating. When Homer is left to take out the trash, he barely misses the garbage men and insults them. They are so offended that they cut of service from the Simpson household so the Simpsons simply dump their trash into their front yard, making it a mini-landfill. Marge gets fed up and signs a letter of apology in Homer's name who then gets it back from Sanitation Commissioner Ray Paterson. Homer decides to run for the position.

Homer tries traditional campaigning methods and even goes to the backdoor of a U2 concert where he sneaks under the disguise of a Potato Man (an Irishman carrying a sack of potatos) and is let in immediately. Homer gets beaten and thrown out by security and talks to Moe on what to do. Moe tells him to use "Can't someone else do it?" for his campaign slogan. With sleezy practices and his fantastical slogan, Homer wins in a landslide.

Homer's garbagemen do it all. They take diapers, take the trash out, clean up small messes, and all to "The Garbage Man Can" song. This however, only lasts for a week as Homer runs out of funds. He resorts to having other cities dump their trash in an abandoned mine which eventually causes the town to explode in trash. The town offers Ray Paterson his position back who simply remarks that the town is screwed and leaves. The Mayor reverts to Plan B which moves Springfield 5 miles away on a convoy of trucks.

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