EP 923 - King of the Hill

At a town church picnic, the kids start playing Capture the Flag. Since Rod Flanders' team gets Ned, Bart chooses Homer. When Homer is left with the flag on a dash back to base, he collapses from exhaustion and is tagged repeatedly leaving Bart embarrased.

Homer decides to get into shape and this time he means it. He starts working out at night at a Gym (which he initially pronounces Gime) with Rainier Wolfcastle who helps Homer train. Homer starts eating Powersauce bars to help shape up and after Rainier tells Homer to wipe his sweat off the machines since he got a rash from the last time, Homer runs into the executives for Powersauce. Wolfcastle refuses to do a stunt for them which is going up the Murderhorn, Springfield's deadliest mountain. Homer accepts the challenge since he has the "Power of Apples Condensed into a bar". Homer trains harder and starts condensing his food into bars until he has a heart attack from eating a pound of pasta condensed into a candy bar size.

Grandpa warns Homer since he tried the Murderhorn himself with his partner McAllister who didn't make it back down. Homer still decides to go and is paired up with two Sherpa mountain climbers. While Homer sleeps, the Sherpa carry him up until he finds out at which point he fires them. Homer makes his way up to a cave where he finds the frozen body of McAllister and a journal revealing that Grandpa took a bite out of his leg and left him for dead. Homer just about gives up and nails a flag into the ledge he is on. He replaces the Powersauce flag with a Simpson flag. When he nails the flag in, the upper part of the mountain collapses putting Homer on the top. Homer tobagons down the mountain on McAllister's frozen body and Bart tells him he's the coolest dad ever, even though the Simpson banner fell off the flag.

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