EP 925 - Natural Born Kissers

Marge and Homer want a romantic anniversary dinner but end up having to bring the kids to a what ends up as a terrible night. They try to fix their problem of an uninspired with a recorded tape which they throw away. Unfortunately, the two get rained out and are forced to take shelter in a burn where nearly getting "ass-forked" by an angry farmer gets them excited.

After nearly getting caught in bed by a maid at a bed n' breakfast, Marge and Homer realize danger of getting caught is what could put the excitement back into their marriage.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa find Grandpa's old metal detector which reveals several metal parts in Grandpa, some he's not even aware he had. They go down to the Aztec theatre where they uncover the alternate ending to Casablanca which is just plain ridiculous. One of the seniors in the retirement home, who happens to be an executive involved in the movie, pays the kids 20 dollars to bury it again rendering their treasure hunt fruitful...kinda.

Marge and Homer continue their attempts at risky sex up and end up inside a mini-golf windmill where people notice people are inside and begin grabbing at them. Marge and Homer escape into places where they are hilariously censored up until they steal a hot air baloon that runs out of gas. They end up landing in a packed football stadium where everyone has a front row seat to the couple nude (obviously the TV audience does not).

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