Homer's Barbershop Quartet

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer, Apu, Barney and Principal Skinner in the B-Sharps

Bart and Lisa are going through some old records at the Springfield swap meet and uncover an album with Homer on the cover. Homer tells the story of his barbershop quartet with Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum and Apu. They originally just got together and sang, but one day a record exec heard them and said that they would be huge, but they just have to replace Wiggum. Wiggum is replaced by Barney and they choose the name, The Be Sharps. The band goes on to have huge success and even wins a Grammy award. Fame is short lived though, as the songs get crappier and Barney falls in love with a beatnik asian woman. The Be Sharps break up and fall off the face of the Earth. After Homer is finished telling the story the Be Sharps reunite on top of Moe's and sing together again.


[the Be Sharps are performing the Statue of Liberty's 100th anniversary 4th of July concert in New York City in 1986]
Homer: This next song is dedicated to a very special lady. She's 100 years old and weighs over 200... [wink] tons.
Fan: This enormous lady will devour us all!
[Screams and jumps into the ocean]
Homer: I meant the statue!

Guest Voices

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Other Information

Chalkboard : I WIll Never Win An Emmy

Couch : The family runs into each other and shatter "take two", the family runs into each other and forms a huge blob "take three", the family runs into each other and explode


  1. "The Be Sharps" appears on a church sign before the group even picks their name. Trivia: This show is full of Beatles references/spoofs:
  2. The album cover
  3. The screaming fans at the airport
  4. Barney's girlfriend is like Yoko Ono
  5. Performing on the rooftop
  6. George Harrison makes a guest appearance


  • Mark Kirkland


  • Jeff Martin

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