Homer and Apu

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer with his 'hidden' camera

Apu loses his job at the Kwik-E-Mart after Homer eats a hotdog unsuitable for purchasing. As an apology to Homer, Apu becomes his personal chef and valet, moving into the house. The actor James Woods replaces Apu at the convenience store. Apu is struggling to come to terms with the situation, and realises that he needs the Kwik-E-Mart in his life. So he goes on a journey to the world's first Kwik-E-Mart, high up in the hills of India. Homer comes along with him, and ends up ruining the chance for Apu to have his store back. He returns to Springfield as miserable as ever, but when he saves James Woods' life after a failed robbery, he eventually gets his job back.


Kwik-E-Mart President: Welcome, my friends. You may ask any three questions.
Homer: Are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?
Kwik-E-Mart President: Yes.
Homer: Really?
Kwik-E-Mart President: Yes.
Homer: Really?
Kwik-E-Mart President: Yes. Thank you, come again.

Guest Voices

  • James Wood

Other Information

Air Date : 2-10-94

Chalkboard : I will not go near the kindergarten turtle.

Couch : In order, Homer, Bart, Marge, and Lisa pop their heads up from behind the couch one at a time, then there's a short pause before Maggie comes out from between the cushions.


  • Mark Kirkland


  • Greg Daniels

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