Kirk Van Houten

Kirk van Houten is the father of Milhouse who has divorced in the older episodes with his wife, Luanne. His character mostly constitutes of a deadbeat dad who lives alone and gets to see his son quite rarely. He enjoys the single life and doesn't really have any ambitions. Milhouse has referred to him once as "Weekend Dad", as Luanne grabbed herself a boyfriend shortly after.

Kirk used to work at the cracker factory, something very much often mentioned by Milhouse. Since his firing, he has trouble in finding and keeping a safe, steady job. He sometimes asks Luanne if they can get back together and Luanne refuses every time.

[edit] Voiced By

Hank Azaria

[edit] Quotes

Kirk: (staring at the Deadbeat Dad statue) This.. this is what we get? Pff, I hate this country.

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