Level 1

Level 1
CharacterHomer Simpson
LocationUptown Springfield, Morning


[edit] Overview

Level 1 is obviously the first level in The Simpsons: Hit and Run. It is quite easy, and is made for beginners. The collector cards are quite easy to find, the costumes and vehicles are very cheap, and the missions are quite simple, compared to later missions. On the downside, the cheap vehicles are usually low in stats, particularly speed.

[edit] Story

After seeing a commercial on TV advertising the new Buzz Cola, Homer Simpson goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy some, along with some ice cream with "mini pies." Homer returns home with the products, and is told by Marge to drop off Lisa's science project at school. After dropping off Lisa's project and helping Ned Flanders, Homer sets off to work just to remember that he has a work inspection, and is afraid that Smithers will dispose of his scorpion farm. Homer uses the Plow King to destroy Smithers' car, and arrives at work. After destroying the power couplings at work to shut down security cameras (so he can take a nap), he is asked to return home. Once Homer is at home, he starts to notice black surveillance vans around the town, so he sets off to investigate. After racing Smithers to Mr. Burns' Mansion, he accuses Burns' of setting up the vans. However, Mr. Burns reveals that the Black Vans are just Pizza Vans. The level ends, and you are transferred to Level 2.

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Collector Cards

[edit] Wasp Cameras

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[edit] Missions

Level 1 Map
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