Level 2

Level 2
CharacterBart Simpson
LocationDowntown Springfield, Midday


[edit] Overview

Level 2 is obviously a little bit harder than the first, but not to a very high degree. In this level, you take control of Bart Simpson, and are given a new default car, called the Honor Roller. The same rules apply here--you can buy and win cars, but since it is still early in the game, they are usually quite poor in speed. However, the missions are still relatively easy, and the collector cards and wasp cameras are easy to find.

[edit] Story

After Homer finishes in Level 1, you start playing as Bart in Downtown Springfield. Bart, along with many other kids, decided to skip school to buy and play "Bonestorm 2" that day. Bart meets up with Milhouse, who tells him that Skinner is threatening the kids who skipped school with expulsion. Bart manages to escape Skinner, so he sets off to get Bonestorm 2. After racing a nerd in Comic Book Guy's Kremlin, Bart meets up with Professor Frink, who reveals that he has bought all of the copies of Bonestorm 2 in order to use the video game violence to power his new creation, "Truckasaurus". Bart becomes exited at the though of that, so he helps Frink gather the supplies he needs to power the machine. After destroying four cell-phone user's cars, Professor Frink powers up the Truckasaurus, which attacks Bart. Bart escapes from the stadum in the Honor Roller, and a bright light appears. After it clears, Bart is gone. You are then transferred to Level 3.

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Collector Cards

[edit] Wasp Cameras

[edit] Costumes

[edit] Missions

Level 2 Map
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