Level 3

Level 3
CharacterLisa Simpson
LocationWestern Springfield, Dusk


[edit] Overview

Level 3 is a bit harder than Level 2, but not by a lot. The cars still aren't too good here but most of them are faster than the ones in previous levels. The Level geography itself is much more simple than Level 2, but the level itself is big. The Collector Cards become less obvious, the missions become tougher, and the costumes and vehicles increase in price. Altogether, Level 3 is not a hard level, but it isn't extremely easy, either. '

[edit] Story

At the end of Level 2, Bart was abducted by a bright light and disappears, and the game transfers over to Lisa, who sets off to find Bart, and more importantly, why he disappeared. After helping and talking to some residents of Springfield, such as Apu, Chief Wiggum, and Milhouse, she seems to not be able to figure out what is behind Bart's disappearance. She learns from the Sea Captain that Bart was in a Black Sedan, but escaped onto the C-Spanker. After she boards the ship, she finds Bart, but he seems to have suffered memory loss and is in some kind of trance. The game then transfers to Level 4.

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Collector Cards

[edit] Wasp Cameras

[edit] Costumes

[edit] Missions

Level 3 Map
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