Maude Flanders

Maude Flanders

Maude Flanders is a Simpsons character playing as Ned Flanders' wife, with Rod and Todd as their kids. Much like her husband, she was a devoted Christian, a very kind-hearted woman who wanted no animosity.

Maude was, for the most part, a homemaker taking care of the children, who often attended women meetings with other Simpson female personalities, such as Agnes Skinner, Marge, Edna Krabappel and Luanne van Houten. On a side note, Homer has sometimes hinted at his attraction for Maude. She died in the episode Alone Again, Natura-Diddily when she was knocked off the stands at the Springfield Speedway. Her death is highly remembered and greatly saddened Ned, who then took it upon himself to raise the kids alone.

On a later episode, Ned decided to memorialize Maude by creating Praiseland, a Christian-themed amusement park which was derived of her sketchbook before she died. He had the help of the Simpsons to create and assemble everything together, and then built a big statue in the middle, with the plaque under reading "she brought the joy of shame and the shame of joy".

[edit] Voiced By

Maggie Roswell

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