Moe Syzlak

Moe Syzlak

[edit] Moe Syzlak

Moe is a Polish-Italian immigrant which is revealed when the proposition 21 is passed. He manages to pass a citizenship test in time to stay in the country. His job is as the bartender at the local bar, Moe's Tavern. A popular haunt for Homer, Barney , Lenny and Carl they are often depicted in the bar. Rex Banner is a pet hate in the bar and Homer once illegally supplied booze to Moe's for a hefty fortune.

[edit] Voiced By

Hank Azaria

[edit] Quotes

Renee (Moe’s girlfriend): Really, you think I’m gorgeous?
Moe: Yeah, well the parts that are showing. I guess you could have a lot of weird scars or a fake ass or something.
Renee: You don’t talk to a lot of women do you?

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