Mr Burns

Montgomery Burns

Mr. Burns is the evil owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is followed around everywhere by his gay assistant, Waylon Smithers. Mr. Burns is bent on destroying Springfield for his own pleasure and has attempted to blot out the Sun. He has a childhood teddybear named Bobo which is the only thing he holds dear to him. His pastimes include: firing employees, releasing the hounds and taking candy from a baby. The latter ended with him being shot in the chest and hospitalized.

Burns is shown as very physically weak when it comes to performing several actions throughout the episodes. For example, he has had trouble giving a thumbs-up, knocking on the door with the on-door handle, crushing an ant or taking candy from a baby. Or even bunting in baseball which sends him flying away. In such situations, he will sometimes plead to his comrade Smithers, who ends up doing the task for him.

Several episodes show that his organs have become immensely and comedically weak over the years. An example is his heart blackened and downsized to a pea's size, as well as himself hinting that he has a single lung.

Mr. Burns has had more than one interesting story with at least every Simpson family member. He was used as portrait for Marge Simpson to paint, when the passion for painting entangled her. Marge has at one point worked at the Nuclear Power Plant, and also ruined his chances of becoming Governor, thanks to that three-eyed fish. When it comes to Bart, he once gave blood to Burns as he was the only compatible person available to do it. The story ensued with Homer prompting Bart with promises that Burns would have to reward them with riches, instead Burns only sent them a thank-you note, angering Homer with a nasty letter he later reconsidered to send, but Burns ended reading it anyway. Bart was also at one point Burns' heir, and Burns even started considering him as his own son, before Bart came back to his senses and went back to his family. There is also the widely known story about Maggie shooting Mr. Burns, as well as that older episode about both of them wanting to keep the teddy bear Bobo. Grampa Simpson and Montgomery Burns are connected through the past, during World War II, affiliated with the Flying Hellfish, and on the more recent scale, Burns has stolen Marge's mother Mrs. Bouvier from him, and both men vied to ask her in marriage. Lisa and Burns once teamed up together to build a recycling center after bad investments cost Burns his fortune.

As for Homer, Burns has had the most encounters with the man, which is fitting as Homer is one of his noteworthy employees. Almost every time Homer comes within Burns' sight, Burns forgets his name and ends up asking Smithers who he is. Homer acknowledged this later on during the incomparable "Who Shot Mr. Burns" storyline, getting quite furious about it.

[edit] Voiced By

Harry Shearer

[edit] Quotes

Mr Burns: "What good is money if it can't inspire terror in your fellow man?"

Mr Burns: "Eternal happiness.. for a dollar. Eh, I'd just rather keep the dollar."

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