Season 8


[edit] Episode List

[edit] Treehouse of Horror VII

The Thing and I- Bart discovers he has a twin, and that one of them is evil: Bart.

The Genesis Tub- Lisa, while experimenting on what happens if a tooth was left in cola, creates a miniature city that call Lisa God and Bart the Devil. They shrink Lisa down to the size of the people living in the city. Bart gets credited as the one who created the miniature world in the school science fair and Lisa remains trapped in the mini world.

Citizen Kang Kodo & Kang plan to take over Earth by disguising themselves as Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Homer foils their plan, but because the real candidates are dead, America must vote for a new alien president.

[edit] You Only Move Twice

Homer accepts a job at the Globex Corperation but the family have incidents that make them want to go back to Springfield.

[edit] The Homer They Fall

Homer gets beaten up, and Moe notices that Homer can take a lot of beating from opponents, so Moe enters Homer in a boxing competition. The promoter notices Homer's rise through the ranks, and puts Homer up against heavyweight champion, Drederick Tatum.

[edit] Burns, Baby Burns

A man named Larry sees a man on a train that resembles a picture he has of his father. Larry goes on a quest to Springfield and befriends Homer because of common interests. Larry finally identifies himself as Mr Burn's long lost son. Mr Burns at first accepts him, but when Larry starts acting too casual, Mr Burns gets tired of Larry. Larry and Homer plan a way on how to make Mr Burns love his son again, a fake kidnapping.

[edit] Bart After Dark

Bart does damage to a large manor, and is forced to work for the person in charge by Homer. After Bart has been working there does Homer realise that the manor is a burlesque house.

[edit] A Milhouse Divided

Milhouse's parents divorce. Homer realises that he has been taking his marriage with Marge for granted and also files for divorce, with a surprise at the end.

[edit] Lisa's Date With Destiny

Lisa falls in love with Nelson Muntz and tries to change him for the better. Meanwhile, Homer finds an autodialer and starts a telemarketing scam.

[edit] Hurricane Neddy

A hurricane destroys Ned's home. The population of Springfield try to rebuild his house, but failed. Ned, angry at the poor workmanship of rebuilding his house, snaps and eventually commits himself to a mental institution. The episode also reveals Ned's parents, and how Ned got his way of speaking.

[edit] El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

Homer eats some super chilli and begins to hallucinate. A coyote tells him to find his soul mate. When Homer fights with Marge and not thinking she was his soul mate anymore, he goes by himself to a lighthouse. Marge arrives and tells Homer that they are soul mates.

[edit] The Springfield Files

Homer goes drunk to the middle of a forest and encounters an alien. He reports his sighting to Agents Mulder and Scully ( both seen on the TV show the X-Files) but not even Mulder believes him. Eventually, the alien turns out to be Mr Burns. Mr Burns was going under treatment to give him longer life because of his old age.

[edit] The Twisted world of Marge Simpson

Marge starts her own pretzel company and rivals the Springfield Investorettes, who were making pitas. Homer asks Fat Tony for assistance. When Fat Tony asks Marge for a share in the profits, Marge refuses, so Fat Tony brings goons to the Simpsons house. With the Simpsons family inside, a war erupted between Fat Tony's mafia, and the Japanese Yazuka, sent by the Investorettes.

[edit] Mountain of Madness

Homer and Mr Burns team up to go on a challenge set up by Mr Burns to go up a mountain to a cabin. All of the power plant members are forced to go as well as Homer. The last group to arrive was fired. Homer and Mr Burns get into trouble when they are stranded in another cabin during several avalanches.

[edit] Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious

The Simpsons hire a Mary Poppins-like person, who try to teach the children how to be clean. When the Simpsons continue being messy, the nanny leaves them. With the Simpsons watching, the nanny is sucked up in a passing-by aeroplane.

[edit] The Itchy and Scratchy & Poochie show

To boost falling ratings, Poochie is introduced as a character in the Itchy & Scratchy show. Homer gets the role of doing Poochie's voice, but Poochie proves to be unpopular. The producers decide to kill Poochie off in a very hasty edit, which Homer was against.

[edit] Homer's Phobia

Homer becomes friend with a collectibles store manager, John. Homer takes a liking to him, but Marge reveals to Homer that John is a homosexual. Homer refuses to see John again, and sees that Bart's behaviour has changed. Worried that John might be influencing Bart to become homosexual, Homer takes Bart to a hunting trip. Once the hunters became hunted by aggressive reindeer, John saves the two and becomes Homer's friend again.

[edit] Brother from another series

Sideshow Bob is released from prison once again, but this time is truly reformed. He and his brother oversee the construction of a giant dam that blocks the water from reaching Springfield. Sideshow Bob's brother, Cecil, was actually embezzling $15 million dollars and planned to put the blame on Bob. Cecil is foiled by Bob, Bart and Lisa but Sideshow Bob is also arrested with Cecil. The title is a reference that the voice actors of brothers Bob and Cecil also played brothers in Frasier, Frasier and Niles respectively.

[edit] My sister, my sitter

Lisa becomes a babysitter and becomes very popular with the Springfield residents. She was so popular that she was even payed by her parents to look after Bart and Maggie. Bart is outraged and starts playing pranks on Lisa. One prank backfires and Bart is unconscious. While Lisa made her way to the doctors, she is wrongfully portrayed by a crowd of Springfield residents as trying to kill Bart.

[edit] Homer vs the eighteenth amendment

After a disastrous Saint Patricks Day, which live footage showed Bart drunk, an alcohol ban was put in place. Homer and Bart go against the law and create alcohol in the basement, supplying it to Moe's Tavern.

[edit] Grade School Confidential

Edna Krabappel and Seymour Skinner start a liking for each other. Bart becomes their errand boy, constantly delivering messages to each other. Bart gets tired of it and exposes Edna and Seymour's love relationship.

[edit] The Old Man and the Lisa

Mr Burns becomes poor and is committed to the Retirement castle. Not liking the castle, he wants to get his fortune back. Mr Burns recruits Lisa, who suggests to go into recycling. Mr Burns takes it a step further by 'recycling' sea life as well.

[edit] In Marge we Trust

Marge takes a job as the advice giver in the local church, because she believes that Reverend Lovejoy doesn't meet the requirements. Meanwhile, Homer finds the logo of dish washing detergent that somehow resembles him.

[edit] Homer's Enemy

Characters Introduced/killed: Frank Grimes

There is a new member to the Power Plant, Frank Grimes. Frank is hard working and never had a break in his life. He gets angry over the fact that Homer was incompetent at his work and Homer was, due to severe good luck, was meeting celebrites and doing things no average person would be fortunate to do. Homer's incompetence drives Frank mad, and Frank does several things half-done, like Homer, until he touches power cables without gloves on, dying immediately.

[edit] The Simpsons spin-off showcase

Chief Wiggum, PI - Chief Wiggum and Seymour Skinner are police detectives in the New Orleans. Guest appearance of the Simpsons. The format of the segment is action. The lovematic grandpa - Grandpa Simpsons's soul gets trapped in Moe's love tester machine. The format of the segment is sitcom. The Simpsons Family Smile-Time Variety Hour - The Simpsons are part of a variety hour, although Lisa is replaced by an older woman.

[edit] The secret war of Lisa Simpson

Bart is sent off to military school for a prank that inadvertently leads to every piece of glass in Springfield being destroyed. Lisa decides to go to the school as well, after she sees it for the first time. Lisa also becomes the first female cadet and because of that, gets to stay in her own private barrack, previously belonging to boys. Bart refuses to speak to Lisa when Bart makes friends, who are angry at Lisa getting the barrack all to herself. There is a test coming up, which requires the cadets (including Lisa) to climb on a piece of rope that is hanging over sharp objects. When Lisa got stuck midway, Bart loudly encouraged Lisa and she passed.

[edit] DVD Release

[edit] Release dates

US and Canada - August 15, 2006

[edit] Special Features

  • Optional Commentary for all episodes.
  • Introduction from Matt Groening
  • Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary)
  • Featurette: The Simpsons house
  • Animation showcases for Treehouse of Horror VII, In Marge we Trust and The Secret war of Lisa Simpson
  • Illustrated commentaries for Treehouse of Horror VII, Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment, Lisa's Date With Density and The Secret War of Lisa Simpson.
  • Original sketches
  • Promotional spots featuring Matt Groening

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