Secrets of A Successful Marriage

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer teaches his class

Homer decides to enrol in teaching and is given a class where his goal is to educate them on how to have a successful marriage. His personal stories about himself and Marge intreuge his pupils, and Homer thinks he's pretty good at being a teacher. However, Marge finds out what Homer has done and tells him to stop dishing out private information about them. Unfortunately, Homer can't stop using Marge as his example in class and ironically gets kicked out of the house after at a dinner where all the students are invited. Homer's lack of self control comes out and marge kicks him out. After living in Bart's treehouse for a while, Homer realises that Marge means everything to him, and as soon as Homer apologizes to her about it all she comes to the same conclusion and allows him to move back in.


Homer: What is a wedding? Well, Webster's Dictionary defines a wedding as 'the process of removing weeds from one's garden'

Guest Voices

Other Information

Air Date : 5-19-94

Chalkboard : Five days is not too long to wait for a gun.

Couch : They run into each other and explode, then Maggie's pacifier hits the floor of the blackened room.

Production Code : 1F20

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