Simpson vs Bush

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Since the beginning of The Simpsons, it seems that Former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush had it out for the show.

In a magazine, First Lady Barbara Bush described The Simpsons as the "stupidest thing" she had ever seen.

A letter, signed by Marge Simpson was sent to The First Lady chastising her for saying things about her family. She argued that they were very similiar.

"I always believed in my heart that we had a great deal in common. Each of us living our lives to serve an exceptional man.

A letter signed by Barbara Bush was sent back to Marge. Although it was slightly sarcastic, they thought there was finally peace between them.

However, in a speech George H.W. Bush Sr. said that American families should be "less like The Simpsons and more like The Waltons." The show retaliated by having The Simpsons watch the speech and Bart complaining that they were a lot like the Waltons, "we're praying for the end of the depression too."

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