Street Races

[edit] Overview

Street Races are an optional type of race found in each level. There are four types of street races:

  • Time Trial - These are run by Milhouse, (and a zombie, for Level 7). These races only involve you--you must complete a certain amount of laps, within a time limit.
  • Circuit Races - These are run by Nelson (and a zombie, for Level 7). There are very similar to Time Trial Races, except you are racing against other cars, as opposed to the clock. You still have to complete a certain number of laps.
  • Checkpoint Races - These are run by Ralph (and a zombie, for Level 7). You are racing against other racers, but you aren't completing laps. It usually travels through a part of the town; not in a loop.
  • Wager Races - These are run by Louie, even in Level 7. In these races, you pay a certain amount of coins to enter, and you win more coins if you win. You are usually racing around the entire level in a time limit. Winning these races is not required for winning the Prize Vehicles.

[edit] Trivia

  • In circuit races and checkpoint races, one of the characters who you are racing against is usually the character that you play as in the next level, with the next level's default car. (e.g. Level 1 Circuit Race; Against Bart in the Honor Roller). The only exceptions to this are in the Level 4 Checkpoint Race (where you race against Professor Frink in the Hover Car, and in Level 7.

[edit] Unlockable Cars

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