The Boy Who Knew Too Much

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Bart sees what really happened between Freddy and the waiter

Quimby's newphew Freddy has allegedley assaulted a French butler. He gets taken to court, and the evidence is stacked against Freddy Quimby, making it seem more likely that he is guilty. However, Bart was the only witness there and knows that he did not touch the butler at all. He knows Freddy Quimby is innocent, but is cautious about telling the jury because then Principal Skinner would know Bart skipped school, although he already seems to know this. Bart comes clean though, and gets Freddy off the hook. As a result of his honesty, Skinner only gives Bart four months detention.


Principal Skinner: I know you can read my thoughts, Bart. Just remember, if I find out you cut class, your ass is mine. Yes, you heard me. I think words I would never say.
Homer: I know you can read my thoughts, Boy. Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow...

Guest Voices

Other Information

Air Date : 5-5-94

Chalkboard : There are plenty of businesses like show business . Couch : The Simpsons run in and the living room is different. The camera pans to the right showing David Letterman, who turns around and smiles.

Production Code : 1F19

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