The Itchy and Scratchy & Poochie show

The Itchy and Scratchy show is beginning to go stale, and ratings are plummeting. After some research into what the show needs to stay fresh and keep the audiences interested, they realise that they need a new character to spark some life into an old show. A radical surfer dog is designed, and named 'Poochie.' However, a voice was now needed for this new hip character, so auditions were held. Many people from Springfield attended, and in the end the position was awarded to Homer, so he would be doing the voice overs. As the premier episode of Itchy and Scratchy, and Poochie went to air, Homer invited all the neighbours around to see it. The show became even worse since everyone despised this strange new character. Homer was upset because there is talk of his character being killed off, so he attempts to do some impromptu lines to let his character live on, but with some poor editing techniques they kill him off anyway. Itchy and Scratchy then goes back to how it was and the children of Springfield have their interest re-kindled with the show.

Notes: Alex Rocco guest starred as Roger Meyers Jr.

Trivia: Homer, Hans Moleman, Jimbo, Kearney, Lional Hutz, Troy McClure, Otto, and Ms. Hoover all try out for the role of Poochie.

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