The Last Temptation of Homer

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer and Mindy are crowned King and Queen

When a new worker named Mindy starts working for the plant, Homer think he's falling in love with her. He tries forgetting about her, and at one time had prepared a speech for her on his hand. He became extremely nervous though, and the sweat made his writing incoherent. When both Homer and Mindy are chosen to represent the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the National Energy Convention in Capital City, Homer realises they have a lot in common and he begins to have 'sexy thoughts' about Mindy. Once Homer finds out she feels the same way, he faces a difficult choice. However, through it all Homer stays loyal to his wife Marge.


[finishes with his paintbrush]
Bart: The beauty of it is, each parking space is a mere one foot narrower. Indistinguishable to the naked eye. But therein lies the game.
Milhouse: I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away.
Principal Skinner: Blasted woman, you parked too close! Move your car!
Mrs. Krabappel: I'm in the lines! You got a problem, go tell your mama!
Principal Skinner: Oh, don't worry, she'll hear about this.

Guest Voices

  • Phil Hartman
  • Michelle Pfeiffer

Other Information

Air Date : 12-9-93

Chalkboard : All work and no play makes Bart a dull boy.

Couch : The Simpsons run in and the living room is different. The camera pans to the right showing David Letterman, who turns around and smiles.


  • Carlos Baeza


  • Frank Mula

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