There's No Disgrace Like Home

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[edit] Summary

There's No Disgrace Like Home
Original Airdate1/28/90
WriterAl Jean and Mike Reiss
DirectorGregg Banno and Kent Butterworth
Created ByMatt Groening
Developed byJames L Brooks; Matt Groening; Sam Simon
Bart receiving shock therapy at Dr. Marvin Monroe's clinic

Homer goes to a company picnic with his family and is embarassed when Marge gets drunk and Lisa and Bart act very foolishly. Homer thinks his family is too dysfunctional and so he takes his family to Dr. Marvin Monroe's clinic. He uses shock therapy to help families with their problems. The family ends ups shocking each other and realize that they are happy the way they are.

[edit] Quotes

  • Bart and Lisa arguing:
    • Bart: Oh yeah?
    • Lisa: Yeah!
    • Bart: Oh yeah?
    • Lisa: Yeah!
    • Bart: Oh yeah?
    • Lisa: Yeah!
    • Homer: What's the problem here?
    • Lisa: We were fighting over which one of us loves you more.
    • Homer: You were? Aww, go ahead.
    • Bart: You love him more!
    • Lisa: No, you do!
    • Bart: No, I don't!
    • Lisa: Yes, you do!
  • Homer after watching the commercial for Dr. Marvin Monroe's clinic:
    • When will I learn? The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle. They're on TV!
  • When Homer is trying to make money to pay the clinic fees:
    • Lisa: No, Dad! Please don't pawn the TV!
    • Bart: Aw, c'mon Dad - anything but that!
    • Homer: Now, I appreciate that honey, but we need One Hundred and Fifty dollars here.
  • Homer is concerned about their social standing:
    • Homer: I'm sorry, Marge, but sometimes I think that we're the worst family in town.
    • Marge: Maybe we should move to a larger community.
  • Bart: Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.
  • Homer: You know, Moe, my mom once said something that really stuck with me.

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[edit] Blackboard Gag

I will not burp in class.

[edit] Couch Gag

Homer is forced off the couch.

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