[edit] Overview

This whole game revolves around driving, so of course, you're going to need a wide variety of vehicles. Each level allows you to physically unlock 6 vehicles, in addition to 1 hidden vehicles, and several traffic vehicles.

[edit] Basic Vehicles

In each level, you unlock 6 cars in different ways that can be selected in a Phone Booth. Here are the five types of vehicles:

  • Default Vehicles - You start each level with a new one of these.
  • Bargain Vehicles - You can buy 2 of these from Gil in each level.
  • Requirement Vehicles - You can buy one of these from a Simpsons Character. These are usually required for a mission.
  • Prize Vehicles - You can unlock these by unlocking all three Street Races.
  • Bonus Vehicles - You unlock these buy beating a specific Bonus Mission.

Here are a list of all Basic Vehicles in the game. For each level, they are listed in their respective order (listed above.)

[edit] Hidden Vehicles

These vehicles are hidden in each level. These ones are usually very high in stats, but are difficult to find. After beating the game, by typing in a code on the options menu, you can unlock these for the phone booth.

[edit] Traffic Vehicles

These vehicles are usually very low and stats, but still can be used normally. Like the Hidden Vehicles, these can be obtained in the phone booth after beating the game.

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