Deep Space Homer

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer saves the space mission

For NASA to be more appealing towards the common man, they employ Homer and Barney to work for them. After a rigorous training session it is completely obvious that Barney will be the one going to space. Unfortunately he 'falls off the wagon' though, and Homer is sent up instead. Fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and James Taylor soon realise that Homer is awful in space - causing many accidents and endagering their lives. When he breaks the handle off the outer door, they all look doomed. Everyone expects them to die, until Homer's quick thinking pays off. He grabs an inanimate carbon rod which holds the door closed and allows them to return safely. Once they land back on Earth Homer is mistified when he finds out the rod is getting all the praise, and not himself.


[Barney rans off drunk and wastes his chance at being an astronaut]
NASA Guy: So, Homer, I guess that makes you the winner by default...
Homer: Default? The two best words of English language! De-Fault! De-Fault! De-Fault!

Guest Voices

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • James Taylor

Other Information

Air Date : 2-24-94

Chalkboard : none

Couch : There is a fat man sitting on the couch and the family has to force their way on to the couch.

Production Code : 1F13


  • Carlos Baeza


  • Dave Mirkin

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