EP 1002 - The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace

Homer becomes an inventor after quitting his job at the Nuclear Power Plant. He gets to work in the basement and sets himself a goal - to invent more things than Thomas Edison. Homer has already created three unique items: an electronic hammer, a reclining chair with a built-in toilet and a rifle that shoots make-up at women's faces. Soon, Homer invents a six-legged chair allowing you to lean all the way back, which seems extremely popular. There's only one problem with it though, it has already been invented...by Edison. Homer wants the credit for the invention and plans on taking a trip to the Edison Museum to destroy the work of a great man. However once he gets there he realises Edison was working in the shadows of Leonardo Da Vinci, much like Homer was doing with Thomas Edison. He decides he cannot destroy Edison's six-legged chair with his electric hammer after developing a great understanding of the inventor. Once Homer has left the museum the authorities find the electrical hammer which Homer forgot to take with him and they announce it as Edison's invention, leaving Homer furious.

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