EP 210 - Bart Gets Hit by a Car

After Bart is hit by Mr. Burns (suffering very minor injuries), Homer and Marge talk to the untrustworthy lawyer, Lionel Hutz and try and sue Mr. Burns for $1,000,000. With the help of Nick Riviera and a tagic testimony from Bart, the case seems to be going well until Marge admits that Nick Riviera might not even be a doctor. The Simpsons end up with nothing. Homer first thinks that he doesn't love Marge anymore but realizes that she did the right thing.


  • This is the first episode using Phil Hartman, so therefore the first episode featuring Lionel Hutz.
  • Jay Kogen's relative wrote "Spanish Flea". This relationship was used to recieve permission to use the song.
  • The episode began with the tag "Episode 29: Bart Gets Hit By a Car" so Bart could immediately get hit by a car after it is shown.
  • The judge used to be like white (yellow) but now has become African American.
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