EP 301 - Stark Raving Dad

After Bart puts his hat in the laundry, Homer is left with all pink shirts. He goes to work wearing the pink shirt and Mr. Burns thinks Homer is crazy and he has Dr. Marvin Monroe give Homer an insanity test. Homer gives the test to Bart and Homer fails and he is sent to a mental institution where he meets a big white man who thinks he is a Michael Jackson. Marge goes to the institution and convinces them Homer is not insane and they invite "Michael" over for dinner. Bart calls Millhouse and tells him that Michael Jackson is coming to his house and the whole town is awaiting for them when they come home. Lisa's heart is broken that Bart forgot her birthday and "Michael" helps Bart make a song for Lisa. "Michael" admits that he is not who he thinks he is and goes his own way.


  • Michael Jackson was credited as John Jay Smith. According to the DVD Commentary, Jackson said this was a joke on his brothers.
  • According to the DVD Commentary, Jackson requested a scene where he stayed up all night with Bart.
    When Lisa is writing her letter, the image of her in the mirror moves when Lisa is not really moving.
  • Many of the sanitarium scenes are taken from the movie The Silence of the Lambs.
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