EP 308 - Lisa's Pony

  1. Lisa's reed for her saxophone breaks and she has to perform at a concert. Her only hope is Homer. Instead of going right to the music store, he goes to Moe's first. The music store closes but Homer meets the owner at Moe's Tavern and convinces him to let him buy a reed. However he doesn't know what type of saxophone she plays. Homer doesn't arrive in time and Lisa sounds horrible and is humiliated. Homer has disappointed Lisa one too many times and she's very mad at Homer. To make it up to her, Homer buys her a pony. Keeping a pony is very expensive so he gets a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart. Lisa sees how tired Homer is and decides to give up the pony. Notes: This episode reveals Lisa's long time affection for ponies. Goofs:
  2. The inside of Homer's car turns from purple to pink. Trivia:
  3. The scene where Lisa finds her pony in her bed and screams is taken from The Godfather.
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