EP 312 - I Married Marge

This episode goes back to 1980. Homer is working at the golf course and he's living and dating Marge. Marge gets pregnant so Homer and Marge get married at Shotgun Pete's Wedding Chapel. However, Homer barely makes enough money and he doesn't feel like he should deserves Marge so he leaves. Marge finds him at his new job Gulp 'N Blow where Marge convinces Homer that they should be together.


  • This is the second flashback episode and starts where we left off with <a href="http://simpsons.neoseeker.com/the_simpsons_the_complete_second_season/Movie/pages/ep_212__the_way_we_was/">The Way We Was</a>.
  • The shirt that says 'I SHOT J.R.' is a reference to Dallas. The popular cliffhanger left us wondering who shot J.R.
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