EP 318 - Separate Vocations

Lisa and Bart both take career aptitude tests. Bart is told that he is going to be a police officer while Lisa is told she is suited to be a homemaker. Lisa is devestated and Bart is thrilled which causes them to change their traditional roles. Bart rides in a cop car and even helps catch a criminal. He becomes Principal Skinner's right-hand man and hall monitor who will turn in anyone, including his best friend Millhouse. Lisa rebels by stealing all the teacher's answer books and puts them in her locker. Principal Skinner and Bart are looking through all the lockers when Bart discovers Lisa stole them. Bart takes the blame for Lisa and they both return to their traditional characters.


  • The school is blue in the beginning of the episode and back to it's usual yellow at the end. (Footage was probably reused from the first season).
  • The scene where Bart and Principal Skinner are looking lockers is very similiar to the same thing in the original Batman television show.
  • When Principal Skinner asks Lisa what she is rebeling against, she answers, "Whattya Got?" as Marlon Brando did in The Wild One. She even has a toothpick in her mouth.
  • At the end, Barts ounishment is 600 days detention, plus writing "I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty" repeatedly on the blackboard.
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