EP 319 - Dog of Death

Santa's Little Helper becomes very sick and the vet tells them that he will need an operation and it will cost $750. At first Homer and Marge decide to break it to the kids that they can't afford the operation but then they decide they will do what they can to pay for it. To do this, they all have to cut-down on some of their favorite things. Homer cuts down on his beer, Marge on her hair products and the kids on their hair cuts. They begin to hate Santa's Little Helper because of this. As a result, Santa's Little Helper runs away from home and is caught by Mr. Burns who trains him to be one of his attack hounds. Bart tries to get Santa's Little Helper back but Santa's Little Helper attacks him. Then, Santa's Little Helper remembers Bart and Mr. Burn's training loses effect.


  • Up until this point, there was no concrete wall surrounding Mr. Burn's mansion, just bushes.
  • Santa's Little Helper attacks the bear just like the dog in Old Yeller.
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