EP 321 - Black Widower

Aunt Selma brings home Sideshow Bob who has been let out of prison. They explain how Aunt Selma met Bob through a prison pen-pal service. Sideshow Bob proposes to Aunt Selma, who agrees. Everyone is forgiving of Bob except for Bart who thinks that Bob is up to something. After Aunt Selma's wedding, Bart and the family are watching their honeymoon tape when Bart annonces that Aunt Selma doesn't have very long to live. Bart unfoils Bob's plan to kill Aunt Selma and get all her money and Bob is sent back to jail.


  • This episode marks the return of Sideshow Bob, and his induction as a recurring character.
  • According to the DVD Commentary, the writers were hoping for a Poe Mystery Award.
  • Sideshow Bob is picking up trash on the street like in the film Cool Hand Luke.
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