EP 411 - Homer's Triple Bypass

Homer hears a thumping noise in the car, but the mechanic tells him the problem isn't the car, it's Homer's heart. Later while eating donuts on the job Homer is caught by Mr. Burns and Burns tells Homer that he's fired and this gives Homer a heart attack. Homer requires a bypass operation that costs $40,00, so he tries to get insurance to cover it, but he is rejected becaus he has another heart attack at the insurance office. While watching T.V. Homer sees an ad by Dr. Nick Riviera advertising any surgery for $129.95. Dr. Nick doesn't really know what he's doing (he accidently taped over his instructional videos), but he manages to perform a successful surgery and Homer fully recovers. Goofs: Chief Wiggums badge disappears all of a sudden.

Trivia: Homer asks a Rabbi for some money, the Rabbi is the same Rabbi that is Krusty the Clowns father

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