EP 413 - Selma's Choice

Marge's aunt dies and Selma feels that she is going to die old and lonely. The family is going to Duff Gardens, but Homer and Marge can't go after Homer gets horribly sick from eating a sandwich out of a trash can. Selma decides she can take Lisa and Bart. Lisa goes crazy from drinking amusement park ride water and Bart also gets in trouble. Selma realizes that parenting is hard work and she's happy the way she is. To fill the void, she gets Jub Jub, a iguana. Goofs Bart and Lisa are wearing shoes but then in the next scene they are putting them on.


  • The sandwich story is based on Al Jean's experience.
  • Murphy Brown from the sitcom Murphy Brown sing the name song to her newborn Baby as Selma does to Jub Jub.
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