EP 420 - Whacking Day

The Springfield tradition known as "Whacking Day" is coming up. It's a day when hundreds of snakes are let loose in the town and everybody goes around clubbing them to death. Lisa is naturally against the vulgar occasion and tries to stop it from happening. Bart is expelled from school for driving Groundskeeper Willy's tractor into Superintendent Chalmers, so he decides to help out Lisa after he finds out that Whacking day is a sham on a school trip with his new teacher (his mother). Barry White also helps out Lisa by attracting the snakes to the safety of the Simpsons house with his bass heavy voice. Bart and Lisa explain that Whacking Day is a sham and the townspeople now understand and let the snakes go free.


  • Writer Conan O'Brien left the show the week this aired to host his now famous late night talk show.
  • There were cars parked on the Simpsons lawn before Barry White arrived to sing, but they were gone while he was singing.
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