EP 422 - Krusty Gets Kancelled

The Gabbo show steals all of Krusty's ratings after a huge advertising campaign and Krusty gets cancelled. Bart and Lisa still love Krusty, so they try to get him back on top by enlisting several huge celebrities that are friends of Krusty. Bart also sabotages the Gabbo set by turning on a camera while Gabbo is insulting his fans. All the celebrities that the kids enlisted appear on a special comeback episode for Krusty's show and he quickly regains his superstardom and crushes the Gabbo show.


  • There is a spoof of Hollywood Squares with several Springfield stars that make a returning cameo appearance, such as Lurleen Lumpkin, Princess Kashmere, and the Capital City Goofball
  • The Gabbo Show is inspired by an old ventriliquist movie from 1929 called The Great Gabbo.
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