EP 806 -A Milhouse Divided

Marge and Homer hold a dinner party, which leads to a huge argument between Kirk and Luann Van Houten who argue and eventually get a divorce. Each goes there separate way, with Kirk becoming friends with Homer and pursuing his former interest in being a singer, with his unsuccessful attempt at a song, 'Can I Borrow a Feeling?' Luann starts sating an American Gladiator named Pyro and Milhouse becomes spoilt and has more psychological problems than before. Watching all this unfold, Homer thinks his marriage may be heading down the same path, so he files for a divorce and then makes a surprise wedding for marge, with all his friends invited.

Notes: This is the first episode where we learn the names of Milhouse's parents.

Trivia: The entire sequence where Luann packs up and burns Kirk's shirts was cut on the British channel Sky

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