EP 818 -Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment

An annual St. Patrick's day parade gets out of hand and Bart ends up getting drunk. The camera's show Bart, a 10 year old boy, staggering around drunk, and the public is disgusted. When the town's people begin to dig through some old record books, they discover that alcohol was actually outlawed a long time ago, but the rule has been forgotten, and everyone let it slide. The old law is re-instated, and alcohol is deemed illegal. Of course beer starts entering Springfield by underhanded methods, Chief Wiggum is blamed for letting this happen, and is replaced by Rex Banner. Rex stops all alcohol from entering the town, but Homer and Bart dig up some abandoned beer supplies, and sell it at a high price to bars around Springfield. The abandoned beer supplies soon run dry, and the 'Beer Baron' Homer realised that he needed to make some of his own liquor. Homer and Bart did so in their basement, and Rex still hadn't caught them. Homer then saw how tough life was for Chief Wiggum, who had no job after Rex Banner came in. Homer decided to help him out by turning himself in. Homer is sentenced to be catapulted because of the ancient law which he was breaking, just before he is hurtled into the distance, it is revealed that the old law was replaced by a new law which allowed alcohol, making the original law now void. Homer is released, Wiggum gets his job back and Rex Banner is catapulted.

Notes: Rex Banner is an obvious parody of Robert Stack and his portrayal of Elliot Ness on the 1950's crime show "The Untouchables".

Trivia: The eighteenth amendment to the US Constitution took effect in 1920. It outlawed the sale of alcohol and marked the beginning of prohibition (which lasted until the 21st amendment was adopted in 1933).

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