EP 823 - Homer's Enemy

After hearing the heroic overcoming of adversities by a 'Frank Grimes', Mr Burns decides that's he's the kind of inspirational figure which the company needs. He immediately hires him, but Frank Grimes is bewildered by the appalling display of safety and lack of common sense of his co-worker, Homer. When he talks to Lenny and Carl, they push it off as if it's nothing. Homer is a constant annoyance to Grimes, and after Mr Burns began to blame Frank for things which Homer was doing, Frank decided to get some revenge on Homer by publicly humiliating him. He tricked Homer into entering a kids modelling contest, but Homer took it seriously and actually won. Homer tried to become a more professional worker but this just infuriated Grimey more until he went crazy, in his blinded fury, he electrocuted himself and died. On a happier note, Bart bought an old warehouse for $1 and had some fun in there with Milhouse. After a little while, Bart left Milhouse in charge and the entire place fell down. At Grimes' funeral, Homer fell asleep, but everyone laughed because it was typical of Homer.

Notes: In 2006 this episode was ranked #6 in Matt Groening's list of top 10 episodes of all time.

Trivia: Homer states Lisa's IQ is 156. However, in later episodes, it is different.

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