EP 824 -The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase

Troy Maclure opens with his usual wit and humour, telling us such shows we may remember him from. The episode is broken down into 3 "spin-off" episodes, that being Chief Wiggum, P.I, The Love-Matic Grampa and The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour. In the first spin off, Chief Wiggum goes to New Orleans as a detective, with 'Skinny Boy' Seymour Skinner as his assisting officer. During the process of cleaning up the streets, Wiggum realised that 'Big Daddy' is the main man in those parts, and he shows this by kidnapping Wiggum's son; Ralph. After a long boat chose, Wiggum saves Ralph, but Big Daddy slowly swims away. In the second spin off, Abe Simpsons dies as goes to heaven. In his new life, he is a love testing machine, and he helps Moe put some spice back in his love life. As hard as he tries, he cannot get a date. However, the old love making machine gets hooked up with a payphone in the lobby. The final spin off is a musical simpsons, with singing, dancing and a Brady Bunch spin off. Lisa refuses to participate, but is replaced by a blonde cheerleader. The show ends on a happy note, with a spectacular song to finish off with.

Notes: During the closing, Troy mentions a tiny green space alien named Osmodiar that only Homer can see. Osmodiar is a take-off of on The Great Gazoo, who appeared on "The Flintstones" and was someone only Fred could see. The two look very, very similar.

Trivia: The second spin-off short "The Love-Matic Grampa" is a parody of the short-lived TV show "My Mother the Car".

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